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WWKD was founded in 2012 by two girls who wanted a more royally-inspired life. Kate demonstrates true grace and elegance in a modern, real world setting and we hope to emulate the positive aspects of her royal lifestyle.



Scheduling 10 mins with people who lost EVERYTHING in a natural disaster (then staying for 30) vs. Longer for sailing and whatnot says A LOT about one’s priorities.

Please reference harry in new jersey last year before you inbox me something stupid.

I’m fairly certain that…

They were scheduled to spend an hour and spent 90 minutes at the first event. They spent 10 minutes chatting with one family alone before chatting with others. The whole day was spent with those affected by the fires, including emergency services, local leaders, citizens and victims.

“Diana had the greatest amount of love for simple people and you can see that in both the Duke and Duchess. Diana would have been very proud of her daughter-in-law, I think the couple have a marriage made in heaven. To bring George to Australia like Diana did with William says a lot about this couple and the way Prince William spoke about his mother publicly, I think that was beautiful, and that has given great strength to us that he chose to do so on his first day in Australia."

Jennie Hall (a resident of the Blue Mountains who lost everything in the brush fires six months ago)

William & Kate laying a wreath at the War Memorial in Beinhem


kate meets war veterans


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge lay a wreath and meet war veterans in Blenheim, April 10th 2014.

Source: @GovGeneralNZ


I’m so excited to meet the royal family next wednesday!! ahhh it’s going to be amazing! i must find something perfect to wear! 

everyone be very jealous ;)

“April 07 2014 The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Prince William and Kate have touched down in Sydney with Prince George ahead of boarding a connecting flight to Wellington as part of their Royal Tour to Australia and New Zealand."

We might be having a little TOO much fun with @bobbibrown today!

We are Hobbsessed at the opening of @hobbsvip in @Bloomingdales!!

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