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WWKD was founded in 2012 by two girls who wanted a more royally-inspired life. Kate demonstrates true grace and elegance in a modern, real world setting and we hope to emulate the positive aspects of her royal lifestyle.

allthingscatherineandmary asked:
Hi. Something is bugging me...I have been looking over photos of Kate in that Jonathan Saunders dress. Last time she wore it was on the Asia tour and she wore it with white or cream shoes that look like her sledges. But they also look like the shoes she wore to Prince George's christening which I read were Russell & Bromley. Are they actually the same shoe (and if so, which one?) or does she have two similar pairs from different brands?

They are the same shoe! They are the Russell and Bromley Park Ave in cream. Her LKB Sledges are darker and have a different heel. Hope that helps!


An amazing article on how to copy Kate’s hair from my friends over at wwkdofficial

Sneaky peak of tomorrow’s feature on #WWKD - can you name all the shoes in this photo? Hint: they’re all @lkbennettlondon!

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We love these #replikate wedges from @arturochang at @lordandtaylor! They’re on sale this week too! #shoes #fashion #style


Catherine Duchess of Cambridge and her shoes

Anonymous asked:
What do you comment about William and most especially, Kate's work ethic?


I’m just gonna redirect you to this post which was submitted to me about six months ago:

"Charles has 500 engagements now, but it didn’t happen over night. On Charles and Diana 3rd year of marriage, Charles had 93 and Diana had 51 number of engagements:„20089686,00.html. William last year had 88 while Kate had 111. IMO, that is a pretty darn good numbers considering that William also had a full-time job, and it was Kate’s first full-year as a royal. It is unfair to be comparing WK number of engagements to 1) already well-established royals who have been cultivating their skills for years, 2) royals whose children are all grown - no longer needing nappies/diapers change or milk-feeding, 3) royals whose house-whole have already been long established. If you look back at the number of engagements of all the royals when they first got married/had babies/just establishing themselves, all of them are pretty low so I don’t know why you are just fussing over WK.”

They just came back from a three week tour, William has two engagements in the next three days and they’re coming to Scotland on the 29th. I don’t know what you’re messaging me about because they’re putting in the hours not to mention the great amount of preparation that goes behind the scenes with the charities and that we have no idea about. They’re also raising George, who mind you is a baby and moms can stay in paid maternity leave for up to a year in the UK which Kate is not doing.

I wish people should stop complaining tbh. You lose focus on the amount of attention and money they bring to the charities and the difference they make if all you care about is what stylists she wears and how they don’t match your standards or how many times she goes shopping or how “lazy” they are.

They’re back!! Mint Velvet had rereleased their suede plimsolls in Kate’s colorway. Get yours before they’re gone again!


😱💍👑 (at St. Andrews, Scotland)



Scheduling 10 mins with people who lost EVERYTHING in a natural disaster (then staying for 30) vs. Longer for sailing and whatnot says A LOT about one’s priorities.

Please reference harry in new jersey last year before you inbox me something stupid.

I’m fairly certain that…

They were scheduled to spend an hour and spent 90 minutes at the first event. They spent 10 minutes chatting with one family alone before chatting with others. The whole day was spent with those affected by the fires, including emergency services, local leaders, citizens and victims.

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